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10 More Things About Italy that Shock First-Time Visitors

Pasta, pizza, and passion. We know what Italy is famous for, that’s why so many of us flock there – all 47 million of us a year. In fact, Italy is the 5th most popular holiday destination in the world! They boast having some of the best food, great wine, a rich and fascinating history, brilliant beaches, gorgeous lakes, bags of culture, and some of the most stylish residents. But there are a few things about Italy that will shock you if you’ve never been there before…

You Can’t Order Spaghetti And Meatballs

Photo Credit: Foodnetwork

Photo Credit: Foodnetwork

No you can’t. If you do, the Italians will just laugh at you. This is not an Italian dish you’ll be shocked to hear. It is, in fact, an Americanism that has found its way into many cultures and attributed to the Italians. .

So, how on earth did this happen? Well, about 4 million Italians immigrated to America from 1880 to 1920, about 85% of them came from southern Italy. Times were tough for them at the time, and they went from having no money to spend on food, to lots. As a result, meat became a staple in their dishes, as did trying to outdo the Italian neighbors down the road. So the meatballs got big and delicious and ended up paired with spaghetti.

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