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12 Hidden Meanings Behind Famous Logos




From the moment you awaken in the morning to check on your phone to the moment you drift off cradling your phone like a newborn baby, you’re bombarded with tens of thousands of logos daily. Even Tom Hanks had a branded volleyball buddy in Cast Away, although you could say that the only solution to prevent this oversaturation of corporate marketing will be to live on a deserted isle. You most likely looked at these symbols with little to no idea of their origin however like most works of art, the most symbols have deeper, and, dare we say, secret significance behind them. 


Sony Vaio

VAIO is Sony’s brand name for its notebooks. The symbol isn’t only a stylized image, it refers to analog  waves morphing into an electronic/digital type as well .
The analog is represented in the  “V and  “A”. The “I” and “O” represents the digital or the binary one and zero.



Tom Monaghan, who grew up in an orphanage, secured $900 to purchase a small pizza spot called DomiNick’s in Michigan in 1960. Five years after that, he purchased two more places. The previous owner denied Monaghan the right to use his name for the newest eateries, so the name Domino’s (proposed by a delivery driver) was invented. The 3 dots on the Domino’s logo symbolize the first Domino’s locations. 

According to Logaster, after each new place opened up Monaghan was going to add another dot to the Domino’s symbol. If they would have stuck with that initial plan, Domino’s logo would have 12,000 dots to represent the locations globally. The logo has seen some style changes in the past 50 years but the 3 dots have always remained.

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