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12 Hidden Meanings Behind Famous Logos




When the bird was initially used as its symbol in 1956, NBC was hen known as the Peacock Network. The peacock has evolved to this with its 6 colored tail representing the departments; News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Networks, and Productions. 
Furthermore, the peacock is depicted facing right to show that the TV network is looking towards the future. 


The grouping of stars in the Subaru logo are not only there to look sparkly: they are really a group of stars in the Taurus constellation called Pleiades. In Japanese, this constellation is called Subaru, which means “unite”. The largest star symbolizes Fuji Heavy Industries. The 5 smaller stars represent the 5 companies that united to create Fuji Heavy Industries.The stars in this constellation are a strong hue of blue so the background included that as well.

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