20 Countries that are Used as Dumping Grounds for Your Waste

3. Nigeria

Photo source: Sunday Alamba

About 15 shipping containers filled with discarded electronics are estimated to arrive in Nigeria every day. The containers arrive in the port city of Lagos, where there is a giant electronics market. Unfortunately, most of the electronics are broken beyond repair and instead end up in dumps where people scavenge for valuable components in dangerous conditions. In the past Nigeria also found itself the dumping ground for toxic waste from countries such as Italy.

4. Somalia

Photo source: Somalitalk
Thanks to a Tsunami surge in 2004, hazardous waste containers washed up on the shores of Southern Somalia prompting renewed attention on the issue of illegal dumping in this country. Hydrogen peroxide toxic waste and radioactive materials were also found in parts of Central and Southern Somalia. According to the UN, some firms took advantage of the lack of functioning government in Somalia to dump waste off its coast for years.

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