4 Apps That Keep Your Messages Private and Encrypted

Just how secure are your  messages?

At a time when information violations have reached an all time high, that is a question worth thinking about. Especially state sponsored hackers who have revealed a readiness to go after large, established technology firms like Google and Yahoo. These large platforms regularly hold user data that is personal, private and sometimes confidential, on their servers. However you can find means to safeguard your private communications, and lots of consumer technology firms are beginning to offer encryption that is better in order for your personal messages to not fall into the wrong hands. Whether you’re worried about your messages being read by the authorities, advertisers or by hackers, encryption can protect you.
What products should you be using to improve your secrecy? We took a look several customer messaging providers to give you a much better idea.

How secure is your app?
The important thing here’s whether or not a site is end-to end protected., Messages sent with that degree of encryption are only readable in two areas: The sender’s and receiver’s device, more than likely their smartphones. These messages are not saved on company servers, and consequently, cannot be mined to help marketers or be read by law enforcement authorities, even with a suitable warrant.




Which program is right for you? Click the NEXT button below and review  specific details on a few of the most popular apps available .

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