5 Rare and Secret Restaurants in Barcelona You Have to Visit

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Barcelona actually is a town you can consume in little morsels. That is accurate in the most literal sense whenever you take into account its lively and amazing tapas bars, which vary from rustic, urban spots with sawdusty floorings to spaces that are staffed by internationally skilled chefs. The pubs themselves offer their very own tasting menu to the city. More casual than sit down restaurants, they embody the mashed-up nature and culture in Barcelona. They are fashionable yet conventional. Pull up to a table in your typical tapas bar and you’re more likely to find yourself between an octogenarian and a punky teen. Barcelona is an eclectic, beautiful mix of culture and history.

And the food: aioli drenched fried potatoes, extra large goose eggs, ultra fresh cod. It is all so great, you will find yourself believing one thing: Where to next?



Using vertical barrels that serve as tables and its chalkboard menu, Els Tres Porquets looks to be one more classic tapas bar. Nevertheless, the white and black tiled space has a stunning take on the typical menu; goose eggs, fresh mushrooms, tomato, and garden strawberries are on a rotating menu, depending upon the season. The threesome behind Els Tres Porquets certainly adore food, be it  cured Extremadura ham or the season’s first peaches, the trios excitement is infectious.

Chef Daniel Chavez, who trained at eateries in NYC and Paris, has a knack for placing an international spin on traditional Catalan dishes, a gift that appeals to the mostly younger audience drawn to Els Tres Porquets, whose name means the Three Little Pigs in Catalan. Sure, the menu has recognizable dishes like tuna belly, however Els Tres Porquets variation comes in a fresh and flavorful sauce made from soy sauce, honey, and ginger.

MUST TRY DISH Revuelto de setas. Extra large goose eggs Galician potatoes, morels,a local mushroom called rossinyol,cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. A tasty rendition of scrambled eggs $22.

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