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Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya: A Hotel in Tokyo With Rooms That Will Make You Cry

Is there something in your heart that is breaking you apart? Can’t contain all the things in life anymore that you just want to kneel down and cry until you can’t anymore? Definitely there are many people out there who wanted to do this due to the stress brought by work, family, relationships, and more. The problem however is the search for a place where you can pour your heart all out wearing your black mascara and eyeliner smudges all over your face without worrying about someone watching or hearing you. So if you want to spend some me-time and cry out in a private and luxurious way, there’s a hotel in Japan that’s just right for you – the Mitsui Garden Hotel in Yotsuya, Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Booking

Photo Credit: Booking

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