22 of the Best And Most Unique Hotels In The World

3. Hotel Costa Verde 727 Fuselage, Costa Rica

Photo via: Jebiga

It is made in the shape of Boeing 727 airframe of the 1965 which will make you feel like you are flying. It is situated on a 50-foot platform giving you breath-taking views and a great atmosphere. The hotel’s rooms are luxuriously furnished and contain a flat screen TV, private bath, dining area, kitchenette, ocean view patio, spiral staircase and 360-degree view of the surrounding precincts.

Rates depend mainly on season ranging from $87 per day + 13% tax to $250 per day + 13% tax.

4. La Rosa Campsite Extraordinaire, United Kingdom

Photo via: Curious Places

The hotel is located in a place with beautiful sea views and is a historical site for the residents of the area. It is furnished with typical artworks done by great artists in the olden days. Its La Rosa style has made it an outstanding hotel in the region.

Its rates start from £70 per day, per person.

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